Providing guidance for your child at
every step along the way


Our proven program identifies a student’s “best match”, then provides the essential guidance that will position them for the most successful admissions outcome.

Future Stars Integrated Counseling Approach

Meeting with Student and Family to Develop Personalized Plans and Decisions

Our initial meeting explores the many factors affecting admissions decisions and the key strategies for positively impacting those decisions. We collaborate in identifying and clarifying your goals, then use them as the central structure for your fully customized Connect Action Plan™. Your CAP™ details the steps that you can take to achieve success in the three most critical admissions criteria...academic accomplishment, standardized testing results, extracurricular involvement.

We then have regularly scheduled meetings at the beginning, middle and end of the 9th and 10th grade school years to review CAP™ progress, advise on course selection and extracurriculars, address any concerns you might have and help plan summer strategies for keeping the student on target.

At crucial milestones in 11th and 12th grade, we come together to formalize your “best match” school list and establish a testing schedule and preparation plan. We delve into the facets and phases of the admissions process — including letters of recommendation, essays and interviews, campus visits, application completion and deadlines, early action/commitment decisions, financial aid and scholarships, and more.

These One-on-One Sessions with the child and parents are an essential component of Future Stars’ personalized coaching strategy.

Special Presentations that Reveal Expert Strategies for Success in College, Career and Life

Organized into Foundation Forums and Admissions Forums, this presentation series provides valuable insights on six significant topics...

  • Foundation Forums – throughout each semester
  • Go Inside the Admissions Office
  • Achieve Success in School and Life
  • Admissions Forums – throughout Spring 11th – Fall 12th grade
  • Writing the Powerful Application Essay
  • Navigating the College Admissions Process (for parents)
  • Acing the College Interview

The insider knowledge and expertise shared at these events provide a key advantage in achieving success.

Workshops, with One-on-One Breakouts, that Provide Intensive Coaching and Counseling

Sequenced into multiple sessions of College Research Labs, Essay Labs and Application Labs, these training periods focus on the fundamental components of the selection and admissions process...

College Research Labs – Spring 11th grade
Students are taught and guided through the best methods for researching prospective schools. One-on-one time allows the counselor to evaluate each student’s own college list.

Essay Labs – Summer after 11th grade
Counselor leads students through an essay brainstorming exercise to choose an effective, notable topic. Students then develop drafts and receive instant feedback and direction. College list is finalized and all supporting relevant documentation is gathered in preparation for the fall application season.

Application Labs – Fall 12th grade
Students complete applications with direct counselor support and evaluation. The counselor walks students through the multi-stage submission process and tracks their progress to ensure that all materials are on target and on time.

A concentrated group size and one-on-one coaching combine to form a central principle of our approach.

Between Meetings, Your Future Stars Counselor is Never More than a Call or Email Away

Our proven ability to connect with families isn’t limited to in-person meetings...Throughout your relationship with Future Stars, you can access our expertise via phone or email for tutor referrals, school visit recommendations, course selection advice, learning disability accommodations, athletic recruiting insights, editing of application essays, or any other issues related to your academic and admissions success.