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From Parents

”Several times in the recent past Gary and I have discussed how ecstatic we are with Rose's acceptance into 6 out of the ten colleges she applied to, especially Columbia University. And, when we went to the Columbia University new student orientation in April we saw what a good match Columbia is for her. I am not sure we would have ever identified Columbia University as being the place for her without your assistance. You did so many other things to assist Rose. You guided her with her high school course selection. You gave her the pep talk about calculus being the math course that even great math students need to study for. You had the course that helped her to greatly improve her SAT scores and the myriad of other mini courses. And, you helped her understand the importance of her demonstrating leadership and community service. While the real accomplishment is Rose's for being such an incredible student, test taker and community leader, we (as family) could have never navigated the entire college selection and application process so successfully without you.”

- Susan L. and Gary P., Sacramento, CA

”I am writing to say how much we appreciated you being a part of Amy's college selection experience and preparation. You were a very positive role model for Amy and influenced her to achieve academic excellence in ways her 'parents' couldn't have done (Parents know nothing). She is very excited to be going to University of San Francisco in the Nursing Program. Again, your suggestions and assistance with her essay most likely solidified her acceptance. Thanks again for everything you did for Amy and especially for making this entire process easier for Eric and I. Our referrals also sing your praises. Here's to your continued success!”

- Eric and Barb H., Folsom, CA

"Besides the wealth of knowledge Scott holds, being held accountable to timelines was FUNDAMENTAL to his acceptance to so many schools. The guidance was far over and above what we expected. Not to mention the fact that receiving so many acceptance letters boosted Bergen's confidence a ton! Thank you for your exhaustive efforts to stay on the top of your game. It really shows."

- Beth M., Granite Bay

“When we started working with Scott Hamilton, we had no idea if the financial investment and time was worth it. I am happy to say Scott kept us on course while navigating through the college process and was always available to chat if any of us had questions. I especially appreciated the time focused on creating Noah's college list. Taking the time to get to know our son allowed Noah to select appropriately which in turn allowed him to have many options for his next chapter in life. Thank you, Scott!”

- Robyn P., Sacramento

“Instead of a grueling process which other friends have had to endure (with constant nagging about grades, deadlines, application criteria, etc.) it was manageable and not as pressured. The counselors at Future Stars are indispensable!”

- Louise M., Sacramento, CA

“My son and daughter’s personalities are 180 degrees different, and Scott relates well to both children. I do not think my son would be attending an Ivy League university without his help.”

- Patricia L., Sacramento, CA

“Future Stars has helped motivate my son to do better in school so that he can go to the college of his choice. My son's grades have gone up. He is better prepared to take the SAT's and since working with Future Stars, he has been enthusiastic about college and future goals.”

- Theresa R., Granite Bay, CA

“We'd like to highly recommend Future Stars for their expertise, encouragement and resources. With their guidance, we believe that Jack was able to submit his very best application for the colleges he aspires to attend. Without their help, we would have been lost -- you rock!" I am forever grateful.”

- Beth F., Davis, CA

“Scott basically says all the same things my husband and I say, however our children actually listen to him and do what he tells them to do!”

- Shirley R., Sacramento, CA

“With our busy lives and the competition to get into colleges, I was concerned that we would miss something that would affect my son's admission. Future Stars knowledge and organization has helped give the guidance necessary to successfully complete the process – worry free!”

- Sue H., Granite Bay, CA

“We are naturally thrilled that Brian has been accepted to Stanford! We cannot thank you enough for all your wise guidance, support, hand holding, mentoring,...the list goes on and on! I cannot say enough good things about your services and will and have been spreading word about your great work! Thanks again.”

- Holly W., Granite Bay, CA

“Navigating the college prep/application process is daunting enough…add to the mix, my daughter's school closing and ultimate transfer to another high school, and it became downright formidable! Future Stars came to the rescue and took Casey through the paces and process with precise guidance, compassion, and a game plan in place to achieve her college dreams. They not only became an integral part of "team Casey", but a cherished honorary member of our family. We are eternally grateful and will never forget what they did for us. You're the best!”

- Kyle T., Fair Oaks, CA

“Even though our son is a straight 'A' student, immediately a deficiency in his transcript was spotted due to some unfortunate class selections made by the school. That sort of knowledgeable assistance – early on –is literally priceless.”

- Michael B., Granite Bay, CA

“Having Future Stars guide our three teenagers through the college selection and application process has been one of the best decisions we ever made. They do it all – provide helpful info. on college choices, encourage students in their high school careers, assist with applications, critique essays, and much more. Our 3 students never missed a deadline thanks to Future Stars and we, the parents, are extremely grateful and appreciative.”

- Sallie A., Sacramento, CA

"We are so fortunate to have been connected with Amy Jones during our daughter's college application process. Amy has the experience and knowledge needed to guide students through this demanding process. She understands what colleges are looking for in a student and answers the questions that help students find their best college match. With her guidance, our daughter was accepted into top universities, including MIT, where she will be attending college this fall. Thank you again Amy for all of your help!"

-Steve and Marie K., Yuba City, CA

"Our family received excellent counseling throughout last three years. Amy was very helpful and on top of everything and made sure everything was done ahead of time. Due to Amy's excellent guidance throughout the whole process, we, as parents, did not have to worry about course selection, the college application process, essay writing, etc. It was a stress free experience and there is not a better counseling service in the Sacramento region. Thanks, Future Stars, for your service."

-Vinod & Renuka V., Elk Grove, CA

"We were so grateful for Amy's assistance. She led Jerry through every step of the process with encouragement and a steady, firm hand. Jerry was open to her guidance and trusted her opinion and input. We would not have had a successful college application process without the care and expertise of Amy Jones and Future Stars."

-Jordan P., Lincoln, CA

"Future Stars, particularly Scott Hamilton did a great job for both of our children. Scott guided us along the way with choices of curriculum, applying for colleges, and helping our kids decide what type of college would be the best fit for them. Scott's guidance was a big reason our kids had such great options when it came time to choose which college had accepted them! Both of our kids were able to go to their first choice of schools! One of the other big reasons to go with Future Stars is their knowledge in the application process!"

-Lynne P., Granite Bay, CA

"The information, training, and guidance we received from Future Stars was well worth the cost of the program. Our daughter began with Future Stars in her Freshman year which helped us understand early the steps to finding and getting accepted to the right college for her. Because the Future Stars program is well designed and built on progressive steps the final process of choosing the college short list, applying, and acceptance was much easier and more thought out than if we had attempted to do this on our own. I highly recommend Future Stars."

-Glenda B., Folsom, CA

"Scott was very responsive to all our questions and helped our student navigate through many high school and college decisions. We found it very helpful to bounce off many ideas or questions we had with Scott even in between our meetings. We also had athletic recruiting to add to the admission complexity, and Scott helped us keep a good balanced perspective through that. He respected the individual student as opposed to trying to mold the student into a "marketable package" or gaming the admission system - and we appreciated his integrity."

-Ayako F., Carmichael, CA

"The best decision we made for the college admission process was to work with Meghan before Antone's Junior year. Together they set goals for the Junior year, reviewed the achievements and assessed what needs to be done by when. She was always available for any questions, and we never felt we were in the dark during the process. Starting to work on the college essay early helped Antone applying to college via EA and he got many acceptance letters early on, which relieved our stress too."

- Kaoru C., Elk Grove


From Students

“I just wanted to let you know that I was accepted to the honors program at Colorado University and I was also awarded the Chancellor's Achievement Scholarship!! I am so excited about all the opportunities I will have at that university and I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your help over the past four years! You have been an outstanding mentor and I loved going through your program at Future Stars. Thanks for your help and I hope to talk with you soon!”

- Sam R., Fair Oaks, CA

“I want to say thank you...for everything. Honestly Scott, your knowledge, your encouragement, and your insights have all played an integral role in my college admissions into Williams College. You have truly been a great driving force which has helped motivate me to make the extra effort...and that's what it takes. I remember you telling me that everyone can work to 90 percent of their capacity or skill, but few can master the last 10 percent. And while I have not attained mastery, you helped me reach above the 90 percent threshold and into the next 10 percent realm...and those extra percentages make all the difference! Thank you so much for everything!!!”

- Andrew D., Loomis, CA

“Naturally, stepping into the college admissions process I was nervous and felt in over my head. When my parents signed me up for Future Stars I felt at ease about the process and always felt like I had someone there to help me if I had any questions. You were a huge help along the entire way! You helped me to stay motivated through the frenzy of junior year and helped me to improve my SAT scores by a significant margin. I am confident that I submitted the best possible applications I could have and for that I am completely thankful to Future Stars.”

- Jake F., Davis, CA

“Future Stars made high school and the college application process so easy! My counselor, Scott Hamilton, helped with anything and everything I could think of. The individual meetings and seminars helped me stay on track, even before applying to colleges. The whole thing is very personalized, from helping pick your schedule to writing your personal statement. I can’t imagine applying to colleges without the help of Future Stars.”

- Hannah C., Folsom

“I wanted to say thank you. You made this complicated process so simple. I actually had to help my friends with their college admissions and it is because of you I was able to do this. So I decided on Colorado. I hope you can do for my brother what you did for me. I cannot believe how much I used the essay we constructed over the summer. I used it on scholarship applications and even as an essay in English...haha. I got a 98% on it too. But that essay that you helped me create is something that I feel allowed me to get into the Kelley Business School at Indiana and earn the scholarship increase from Arizona. I am just happy you were so much help and you really are a main reason I succeeded in high school. So thank you and I will be sure to talk to you in the future.”

- Tommy K., Granite Bay, CA

"I began my college search as a high school senior uncertain about what I was really looking for in the college I was going to attend; however, with your advice and guidance, I soon became familiar with what each school I was considering had to offer. You encouraged me to apply for stretch schools, which I thought were out of my reach at first. I am now a graduating senior at Willamette and I must say that this school was the perfect fit for me. I would like to express my deepest thanks and gratitude for all of your help and wonderful advice. Your guidance service set me up for a wonderful and fulfilling college career and a bright future. Thank you so much."

- Brady M., Sacramento, CA

"I can't thank you enough for all your help throughout this whole process. Working with you has been a fantastic experience, and I am truly grateful for all the hard work and effort you put into helping students like me. The Future Stars program has been everything I could have asked for, and then some. And it hasn't just been the application process. From the moment we signed up, I feel like the program has been a valuable resource, and I can't easily imagine the last few years without it. The process seemed daunting at the beginning, to say the least. But with the help of Future Stars, there wasn't a time I felt lost or without direction. In fact, the process almost seemed too easy at times! It was such a great experience working with you. Thank you so much for all you did for me. I look forward to letting you know how things work out next year. I can only imagine they will be great."

- Alex N., Sacramento, CA

"I was very nervous at first with college counseling and whether or not it would be worth it, but I can honestly say it has been one of the best choices my family made. They were there before, during, and after the application process guiding me to be the best person I could be both academically and socially. I really appreciate everything Amy has done for me; she helped me find a college that I am so excited to call home."

-Reina D., Roseville, CA

"Amy was truly a pleasure to work with. She helped me so much during the college application process and really got to know me along the way. She always responded promptly to my questions and was always patient with me. I respect how hard she works to help her students and how many hours she puts into helping kids. I knew I could always trust her. Thank you, Amy, for all your help."

-Abby H., Folsom, CA

"Future Stars was incredibly helpful during my college process. My counselor, Scott, greatly aided me through the process, helping me create a list of schools and proof-reading my essays before I submitted them. I truly believe that without his help, I would not have gotten into my dream school, Santa Clara."

-Alexandra H., Granite Bay, CA

"Scott was very good about keeping me organized and made sure I met all the deadlines. It was very helpful coming in and having him check over all of my applications before I turned them in. I also thought it was very reassuring that he read over my essays to make sure my writing was at its fullest potential. He gave great advice on topics that were good to write about and gave examples of how to write and how not to write college essays. Even before I began applying for colleges, Scott was very thorough and helpful in helping me choose classes, advising me on which tests I should take, and keeping my activities list updated."

-Kiana A., Granite Bay, CA

"The services I received from Future Stars made the entire college admission process much less stressful. I would not have had a clue where to start had my family not used Future Stars."

-Michelle L., Roseville, CA

"My Future Stars counselor was very helpful in having me apply to schools that I have a good chance in getting admitted to. He worked so hard with me during the whole application process which turned out very smooth and not as stressful. I would not have known when, where and how to do it, especially writing the personal essay and getting things done well and timely."

-Maryael R., Elk Grove, CA

"I found the timeline for the college application process very helpful. It started early enough for me to take enough testing and to spend all the time I felt I needed on my essays. Scott was really helpful in giving me a list of colleges that I could reasonably get into, had a strong program in my major and that I would fit in at. I would definitely recommend Scott to my friends."

-Shriya N., Folsom, CA

"My Future Stars counselor greatly helped me in pursuing my collegiate goals. Each year he recommended to me the best classes to take to maintain my academic rigor, but he was also careful to not overwhelm me with my schedule. When I was being recruited as a college athlete, he was also extremely knowledgeable about the recruiting process as well as the various schools showing interest. He helped me to brainstorm and inspired me to create the personal statement which eventually got me admitted to an Ivy League School. Thank you so much for all your help Future Stars!"

- Daia E., Granite Bay, CA

"Corin Hamilton provided great support in the application process, I could not have done it without him! I appreciated his quick responses and honest feedback. He was able to answer all of my questions and provide general advice from his experiences with past students. Corin was a wonderful resource, and he always had a friendly smile even in the midst of the stressful process. I especially want to highlight Future Stars’ emphasis on not working their students to their breaking points: it was made very clear that anyone can find a college that fits their needs without being consumed with anxiety and application-padding. So many other counselors focus on getting their students to “the best schools” in terms of popularity, but Future Stars helped me find the best school for me. Thank you!!"

- Julianne D., Sacramento  

“Corin was absolutely amazing to work with! The help he provided with selecting colleges to apply to, answering all of my application related questions, and editing my essays was absolutely invaluable. Having Corin just an email away was such a stress reliever for the entire process. He'll be seeing my younger siblings in a couple of years!”

- Maggie T., Sacramento